6 Key Tips While Using Scorehood

1-Entering Orders at Support Levels:

During purchases, consider placing orders at support levels and patiently await their execution for optimal results.

2-Using Stop Orders for Control:

Execute purchase orders successfully? Set stop orders below 5% to maintain control even during potential downward trends.

3-Firm Stance on Stop Orders:

Purchases below all supports? Stick to the 5% stop order. For more risk, try 10%, but always have a stop order in place.

4-Progressive Profits at Resistance:

Secure profits smartly by placing orders at resistance levels for gradual profit-taking and thoughtful decisions.

5-Spotting Hidden Resistance:

After price drops, hidden resistance might challenge recoveries. Track these levels for profitable purchases below them. Previous support levels may act as resistance.

6-Cautious Stop Approach:

Don’t rush with stop orders during price falls. In horizontal markets, re-enter thoughtfully with controlled orders.

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