How to trade – example

💢EGLD coin currently has a bullish signal and carries the highest momentum score. It should be noted that altcoins come with high risks.

👉 It’s trading at Support Level 2 (25.22) at the moment. If we view the market sentiment positively, we can consider a 30-40% portfolio purchase from Support Level2.

👉Simultaneously, we set a 5% stop order at 23.95.

👉 If we intend to trade again at Support Level 3 (23.44), we place a limit buy order and set a simultaneous 5% stop order at 22.26. This way, we both make purchases from the supports and limit our losses to 5%.

👉 When taking profits, we patiently wait, utilizing resistance levels.

👉 This is not financial advice; please make your own decision.

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