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Designed for patient, mid-term traders.
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Who looks for general market outlook.
Get insights for 36 high marketcapped coin.
Check, analyze and make your own decision.

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Revolutionize Your Crypto Trading with Scorehood

AI-Powered Analysis Tool for Smart Investment Decisions

Scorehood is an AI-based cryptocurrency analysis tool that takes the guesswork out of investment decisions. Our advanced algorithm uses pure math, statistics, and years of experience to provide reliable, real-time trading signals for over 36 cryptocurrencies.

Genetic Algorithm" based AI

Our system employs a genetic algorithm to analyze 36 high marketcapped coin.
Based on the data, it evaluates scores and generates new mutants (scores).
Every 4 hours system regenerates the population.

Gone are the days of sifting through technical, sentimental, and fundamental analysis – Scorehood's AI does the work for you, providing valuable insights and ranking coins for value, safety, and timing. Make informed decisions and level up your cryptocurrency trading with Scorehood.

Before Bull/Bear - Market Status Checklist

When Bullish ?

Pull backs
Oversold levels
Support levels ( S3 Preferable )
High momentum scores ( over 70% )
Bull scored bitcoin / ethereum
Buy-Zone ( over 25 bull scored coin)

When Bearish ?

Sudden price increase
Overbought levels
Resistance levels ( R3 Preferable )
Low momentum scores ( under 30% )
Bear scored bitcoin /ethereum
Sell-Zone ( over 25 bear scored coin ).

The Benefits of Using Scorehood's AI Algorithm

Accurate, real-time trading signals: Our AI algorithm processes vast amounts of data to provide reliable, up-to-date trading signals for 36 cryptocurrencies.

Insights from both fundamental and technical analysis: Our analysis takes into account multiple factors to provide a well-rounded assessment of each coin's potential.

Time-saving convenience: Scorehood handles the tedious work of analyzing hundreds of cryptocurrencies so you can focus on other aspects of your trading strategy.

By using Scorehood's AI algorithm, you can make more informed and profitable investment decisions in the cryptocurrency market. Try our app today and see the difference it can make in your trading success.

ScorehoodAI is not a prediction machine, It's a comprehensive toolkit that empowers users to make educated decisions based on data analysis.Verify your email and start your trial period.

Our Features

Scorehood is a toolkit, not a prediction machine. This toolkit will let you decide wiser with the help of AI-based calculations.

Easy to Understand

Support/resistance levels and bear-bull signal for each currency

When the number of coins with a bull score reaches 25 or higher, it may be suitable to place limit orders on supports ( bull scored coins ) while also setting a 5% stop order to look for opportunities.

When the number of coins with a bear score reaches 25 or higher, it is sell zone. Time to be cautious.

36 Coins

Trading signals for 36 cryptocurrencies that are updated in real-time (interval periods).

Bear signal means the chance of a price drop is higher, bear hold signal shows the drop is still likely.
Bull signal means a price rise is more likely, and bull hold signal indicates the rise is still probable.

Mobile App

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Proven Score History

Previous score history for each currency to check performance

Bear-Bull Listing

Filters to easily list most bullish/bearish coins ranked by momentum score

Extreme List for Subscribers

Filtered with more strict conditions, for better accuracy.

Less signal, high success rate

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Coin List

Listing page

36 coins listed based on marketcap value. You may check bull-bear status, price info, support/resistance levels and score history from the list.

Score Page

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Details Page

Scorehood calculates score for each coin. Based on the score bear-hold-bull status changes. This gives you an idea for trading smarter.

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Sorted List

This page lists the coins based on their score and momentum score. You may check moost bullish and bearish coins and check their details.

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